Regards from New Delhi India, a successful Auto Show.
Despite of Corona Virus, the spirit is high. Focus is definitely on EV and 3D printing, two fields where Extrude Hone applies his automotive finishing solutions legacy.

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Enhanced Finishing Solution for metal 3D printed components

Additive Manufacturing

There is extreme interest revolving around Additive Manufacturing. Fully functioning cars were produced using Additive Manufacturing techniques during the 2016 IMTS Show in Chicago – demonstrating the process benefits of the AM Technology.

Additive manufacturing (known also under DLMS; SLM; AM, ALM, 3D Printing) is a process of building parts and components layer by layer, connecting powder particles via an energy source. (more…)

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AFM: High-Quality Finishing for Industrial 3D Printing

As 3D printers become more ubiquitous, the question manufacturers are trying to answer is not ‘how do we incorporated industrial 3D printing?’ but ‘how do we incorporate industrial 3D printing better than our competitors?’ Whether your application involves additive layer manufacturing (ALM) or laser sintering, the key that can set your
product above the rest is finishing. (more…)

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