Increase production output and flexibility with our latest ECLINE DUPLEX machine series


Extrude Hone stands for the best ECM machining quality and innovative solutions and our new technological developments are testament to this claim. Our broad range of machine offerings from standard entry level machines such as the ECO+, to ECLINE customizable single and multiple station machines and completely customized solutions such as the SYSLINE series. All solutions are designed, together with our innovative tooling solutions, to decrease cost per part, increase production output at highest levels of quality and repeatability; to make YOUR business more profitable.

In this blog we`d like to talk about the flexibility and efficiency our ECLINE series offers to you. For standard applications we normally use single station machines which come with one worktop and a single sleeve unit accommodating one fixture. In some cases, when you either require multiple step processes, higher parts output, or the flexibility to run two products independently from each other and don`t want to invest into two single stations, then you`ll have the option to choose an ECLINE DUPLEX machine. This comes with two separate worktops, being operated independently from each other. This offers the advantage that you can reduce the overall footprint of the EC station, to a minimum.

The newest generation, besides the already mentioned benefits, offers the possibilities to use our latest components which are designed to increase production output and to enhance process control. An example is our latest electrical sleeve unit which can reduce the auxiliary times for opening and closing the EC fixtures by up to 3 seconds.

Like all ECLINE models, the ECLINE DUPLEX offers to the flexibility to run all ECM process on one machine:

  • ECM radiusing
  • ECM deburring
  • ECM finishing
  • ECM shaping
  • ECM broaching
  • ECM sinking
  • ECM drilling
  • EC riffling

Your Benefits:

  • Design accuracy
  • Specialized application capabilities
  • Longer component life
  • Longer tool life
  • Process efficiency
  • No deburring requirements
  • Increased productivity
  • Quality and repeatability

We would be pleased to tell you more about the ECLINE DUPLEX machine solutions.